About Industry

As we know that we are living in the world of globalization, English language is a common and is spoken in many countries. It is considered as universal language. Most of the universities worldwide include English as one of their major subject. India is also competing with the other countries in terms of education and many other things. Hence, we are forced to meet global standards. English is the first and foremost criteria whether you are applying for a job or you are seeking admission in a reputed college/university/institution. Companies welcome those candidates who are fluent in English and have the relevant qualification and skill set. However, candidates with the relevant qualification without having proper knowledge of English language are being rejected.


Why Franchisee

Franchising business in India has gained immense popularity over the last few years.  Being a franchisee of a brand is the best way for entering into entrepreneurship. It is presumed to be a sure short method of success in business giving all kind of initial support and hand holding.          If you are looking for a communication based training program to run and earn, then best option is to start with us. We provide you a best solution for training material, training techniques, marketing and human resource. We have designed training materials with supported practice tools like video DVD with animated clips, offline mobile applications, computer software, website tutorial and online chat room. We have developed tailor made and interesting contents to make learners more comfortable while learning English.

About EASE

EASE (Edustep Academy for Spoken English) is skills based training organization. So, we train for communication and job skills at our training center with our effective training tools. Our main motive is to enhance employability. Our training programs are according to the market need. To train an individual, we have assessment tool which provides him/her classes according to their calibre. After admission we use training tools and our itinerary system to train in a systematic way and daily progress checking system to know expectation, quality and interest of a student.


Why EASE franchisee

  • Advanced tools & innovative techniques
  • Copyrighted material for all courses
  • Courses available for all segments of the market
  • Suitable techniques for working professionals, house wives and students.
  • Well planned training itinerary with video based home work solution.
  • Training & practice by latest technology
  • Regular learning and training feedback system
  • 65+ franchisees in Maharashtra, U.P., Bihar & Rajasthan.
  • Start with comparatively low initial establishment costs.
  • Easy to start with existing educational business, infra & staff.
  • Online administration software
  • Staff recruitment and training cell                   
  • Attractive designs & USPs for marketing 
  • Marketing support to run centre
  • Best and affordable strategies to generate enquiries.

Difference than Other Training Centres



Features of EASE Issues at other centre
Admission by Language Diagnostic Test Student drop out
Self Learning Study Material Unplanned syllabus
Audio Visual Technology Boring methods
Systematic training by Itinerary Unsystematic training
Innovative & Advanced Techniques Unsuccessful traditional techniques
No Mug up Methodology English training by mug up methodology
Daily Progress Report by RFR Unsatisfactory result
Major Speaking Minor Grammar Grammar based training
Daily Training 2 Hours with 4 Sessions Time management
Student Certification by H.O, Mumbai. Quality check



What We Have

Training Support 

  • Self Learning Material
  • Itinerary Based Training System
  • Training by Certified Trainer 

Practice Support 

  • Video DVD with Animated Clips
  • Offline Mobile Application
  • Computer Software
  • Website Tutorial
  • Online Chat Room

Quality Control System

  • Admission Assessment Tool
  • Regular Feedback Report
  • Quality Team Visits 


Common Issues in English Learning


  • Due to Grammatical mistakes
  • Bad pronunciation
  • Inferiority complex

English Environment

  • Vernacular schooling
  • Family background
  • Regional language effect 

English Data Base

  • Feed language in words only
  • Grammar rules & regulation
  • Mugging up methodology


 Solutions by Our Tools


  • Foundation Book: For Basics of English reading & writing. 
  • My Spelling Book: To know the Spelling rules & sounds.
  • Confidence Book: Removes hesitation & develops presentation skill.
  • Environment Book: Creates Environment & feeds English data.
  • Ready Step Book: Enhances personality, improves accent, etc.
  • Grammar Book: Feeds Grammar simply.
  • Advance Book: Improves English & develops fluency in English speaking.
  • Animated Videos with Background Music: Entertains while learning.
  • Practice System: Makes possibility of learning & practice anywhere.
  • Feedback System: Tracks learning & training quality by RFR. 
  • Itinerary System: Gives training systematic.


Our Course



Eligibility Grade



Foundation / Spelling


30/15 hours


Basic Course


75 hours


General Course


120 hours


Advance Course


45 hours


Personality Development


15 hours


Voice & Accent Course


15 hours


Interview Skills Course


15 hours



 Requirements to be a Franchisee 

Infrastructure Staff Equipment
350 – 500 sq. ft. Center Head Computer (3-8 systems)
Director/Center Head Cabin Trainer LCD/Projector (1 set)
Counselor Cabin Counselor Head Phone with Mic (12 nos.)
Training Room Tele Caller Speaker (01 set)
Practice Room Marketing Boy(s) Power Backup

Franchise Model    


Proposal A

Proposal B

Proposal C

Licence Fee

Rs.1,50,000 + Service Tax

Rs.3,00,000 + Service Tax

Rs.5,00,000 + Service Tax

Business Assurance


Min.120 admissions / yr

Min. 180 admissions / yr

Opening Kit

Welcome Letter, Authority Letter, Agreement Copy, Itinerary, Computer Software, RFR Diary, Operation Manual & Design Link.


Counselor Kit

Self Declaration Form, Counselor Manual, Assessment Tools, Display File, Enquiry Pads, Receipt Books & Prospectuses (10).


Trainer Kit

Foundation kit, Spelling Course kit, Basic Course kit, General Course kit, Advance English kit, Personality Development kit, Voice & Accent Training kit & Interview Skills kit.


Marketing Kit

Pamphlets Colour (10,000), Pamphlets Blue (20,000), Posters Blue (2000), No Parking Board (250), Demo Card (1000) & Associate Vinyls (30).


Promotional Kit

Umbrella (05), T-Shirt (05), Pen (250), Polybags (500), Wall Clock (30), Standee (02) & Canopy (01).


Marketing Person Visit


Twice a week

2 weeks in a month

Training Quality Check





Monthly Marketing Kit



Initial materials by HO

Initial materials by HO

Students' Kits



Free upto 120 admissions

Free upto 180 admissions.

Staff Training

Monthly Fixed Royalty includes Operation, Designing, HR, Marketing, Training, Quality Control, Logistic & Centralized Business Strategy.


10% of franchisee fee

10% of franchisee fee

10% of franchisee fee



























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